AOV Smoke Ventilation Control Panels

The AOV control panel range has been developed to provide a comprehensive solution to smoke ventilation system control. Models include; 3 amp, 5 amp & 10 amp PSU versions for control of small, medium and larger loads.

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Product Overview

Utilising the same detection circuit technology as our EN54 approved fire control panels, Haes have developed the AOV range to provide a comprehensive solution for smoke ventilation system control.

AOV panels are designed to control 24vdc actuators or magnets. Typically used in staircase lobbies, corridors or smoke extract shafts.

The single detector circuit can be set as Twin Wire enabling detectors and sounders to be connected to the same cables.

The panel has battery backup capability and assures that actuators can be powered in the event of mains failure. 3A, 5A and 10A PSU versions are available for controlling small, medium and larger loads.

Vent controls and indications are provided on the front of the panel with integral control inputs to accept signals from remote contacts, smoke detectors, manual controls and emergency push buttons.

All models include false alarm management mode.

The high spec versions also include Rain sensor and PIR inputs for environmental control and trap injury protection, plus 0/10v inputs and outputs to allow control interfacing with BMS systems and positional control of dampers / smoke louvres. All inputs and outputs are included in a single, off the shelf unit with no additional cards or modules required.

  • Single zone conventional or Twin Wire detection circuit
  • Vent status indications & controls
  • 3A, 5A or 10A integral PSU
  • High spec versions include all available inputs & outputs in a single, off the shelf unit
  • False alarm management mode included in all models
3 amp PSU models
5 & 10 amp PSU models


Main Features  
  • 3, 5 or 10 Amp PSU/ battery charger
  • Space for up to 3.2Ah batteries (AOV-3)
  • Space for up to 12Ah batteries (AOV-5/10)
  • 1 Amp magnetic vent control output
  • 1 x 5A timed polarity reversal actuator
    control outputs (AOV-3)
  • 2 x 5A timed polarity reversal actuator
    control outputs (AOV-5/10)
  • Alarm relay change over contacts
  • Fault relay change over contacts (fail safe)
  • Trigger input (monitored)
  • Smoke detector input (conventional or
    Twin wire operation)
  • False alarm mode
  • Vent control switch inputs , Open / Close
  • Fireman’s control switch inputs for On/
    Off, Auto setting. Disable & test modes
  • Vent status indications & controls on front
  • 12v dc output (100ma) for PIR power
Additional Features for High Spec Version  
  • Rain sensor input (monitored)
  • PIR sensor input (monitored)
  • 0/10 V Positional control input 10% steps
  • 0/10v Positional data output
External Indications  
  • Vent Open
  • Vent Closed
  • Trigger Status
  • Detector Status
  • Supply Healthy
  • General Fault
  • General Alarm
  • Disabled
  • Test Mode
  • Rain Sensor Status
  • PIR Status
  • PSU Fault
  • System Fault
  • Access Status
External Controls  
  • Keyswitch or code entry ‘activate controls’
  • Colour coded buttons for controls and
  • Button functions:
  • Open Vent
  • Close Vent
  • Reset
  • Code entry keys 1, 2, 3, 4
DIL Switch Selectable Options  
  • Invert magnetic vent output
  • Actuator power to continuous mode
  • Set smoke to Twin Wire mode
  • BMS 0/10v control
Programmable Options  
  • Set access code
  • Input circuit options
  • Latching
  • Short circuit to activate
  • Detector removal monitoring
  • False alarm mode selection
  • Actuator time setting, 10 to 150 seconds
  • Disable battery monitoring
  • Mild steel, lockable, 20mm knockouts
  • Colour ref: Radon MW334E Interpon
    Back box = 300mmW x 250mmH x
    Lid = 308mmW x 260mmH x 23mmD
    Max battery size = 2 x 3.2Ah, 12v, SLA

Back box = 450mmW x 300mmH x
Lid = 460mmW x 310mmH x 25mmD
Max battery size = 2 x 12Ah, 12v, SLA



The following downloads are available for this product:

AOV Brochure
AOV Sales Leaflet
AOV-3 Technical Data Sheet
AOV-5 Technical Data Sheet
AOV-10 Technical Data Sheet
AOV Installation & Commissioning Manual

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