Howler Site Alarm

The Howler Site Alarm is a stand alone battery operated alarm unit with an extensive choice of switches, available in either ABS plastic or aluminium casing. Using the Multilink option, up to 50 units can be linked together.

The units come with a 118dB(A) siren and can be fitted with an optional red flashing beacon if required.

  • Available in tough ABS or aluminium housing
  • Extensive range of switch gear
  • 118dB(A) integral siren
  • Optional flashing beacon
  • Interlink up to 50 units

Product Overview

The HM metal range 
The original aluminium Howler leads the way in its ability to provide long service in the most demanding conditions. With its compact size and distinctive shape, it is a popular choice for mobile fire point units.

The HO range – the new, tougher Howler
New style ABS plastic casing has been designed for demanding environments. Large symbols and 45° angle for maximum viewing distances and recognition, particularly in corridors.

Both ranges are available with the following switch options:

  • HM/HO 1 – Simple to use push on/off switch. IP65 rated – suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • HM/HO 2 – Large palm-push switch, push on/twist off. IP65 rated – suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • HM/HO 3 – Push on/key off switch prevents unauthorised silencing of alarm, comes with 2 keys for resetting. IP65 rated – suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • HM/HO CP – Conventional call-point prevents unauthorised silencing of alarm. Key resettable – keys provided


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