Lifeline Radio Paging System

Lifeline is three radio paging solutions in one panel, designed to quickly and effectively meet fire system radio paging requirements whilst being easy to install and operate. Paging systems include:

  • Plug and play hearing impaired alert,
  • Engineer paging,
  • Instant staff paging

Lifeline is fully compatible with our Elan analogue addressable fire control panels range, enabling you to conveniently add it to your existing network.

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Product Overview

3 in 1 Fire Paging & Deaf Alert

Lifeline is three radio paging solutions in one and can operate from any stand alone conventional or addressable panel or across a large addressable network and is quickly integrated via an ESPA card (for detailed fire paging) or a simple relay connection (for hearing impaired alerts).

LifeLine runs a variable power, 2W transmitter, optimising power usage and delivering precise coverage, even across complicated buildings and sites. Whatever paging solution you access from your Lifeline panel – and you can run all three at once – set up is quick & simple and the panel is compatible with Haes range of Elan fire control panels meaning it can be added to your existing network.

  • Plug and play hearing impaired alert
  • Engineer paging
  • Instant staff paging


Plug & Play Hearing Impaired Alert System

LifeLine is the perfect solution for alerting the deaf and hearing impaired to a fire alarm. It can be used in all applications including commercial and office buildings, education, hotels, guest houses, care & residential accommodation.

LifeLine helps you meet the needs of the Equality Act. Once LifeLine has been wired, via relay, into an existing fire panel or system and the antenna coverage set, the system will alert users to fire alarm conditions via pagers, or a bedside unit and vibrating pillow device. LifeLine will not interfere with other radio systems and requires no complicated and expensive contracts or service agreements to be in place.

Engineer Paging

Modern fire systems can be spread over huge areas, covering densely populated buildings and valuable assets such as server rooms, with expensive extinguishant release systems in place.

By reacting quickly, fire system managers and operators can save time and money, reduce false alarms and cancel or facilitate evacuation.

Once connected to a fire system via the standard ESPA protocol, LifeLine will instantly transmit detailed information on the total system and individual panel and device conditions to personal pagers. Information can be issued on a range of triggers including alarms, pre-alarms or device faults.

Instant Staff Paging

LifeLine can also be used to inform staff of emergency and operational communications.

8 programmable trigger inputs and 4
fascia buttons on each LifeLine panel,
can be pre-programmed to transmit
specific messages after a numeric password is entered or keyswitch enabled.

Security and warning messages can be securely issued to key staff on issues such as bomb alerts or security
without alerting the public.


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