Elan 4100S – Single Loop

The HS-4100S is a simple, stand alone, single loop analogue control panel with full support of both Apollo (Discovery, S90 & XP95) and Hochiki (ESP) protocols. No networking capability but still with powerful cause and effect programming.



Product Overview

The HS-4100S comes fitted complete with an internal loop driver card suitable for Apollo (XP95 & Discovery) and Hochiki (ESP) protocols and 2 on-board sounder circuits.

The control panel consists of a simple to use LCD menu graphical interface, dual, flash-based microprocessor technology driven by an on-board 24v dc, 2 amp high efficiency switched mode power supply and charger approved to EN54 parts 2 & 4.

Powerful cause and effect programming makes the panel suitable for a wide range of site applications. Fully programmable on-site via the on-board alphanumeric keypad, or PC-NeT configuration tools.

An extensive suite of user-friendly Windows based PC software programs have been developed to supplement the HS-4100S control panel.

Technical Specification


  • Full support of Apollo (XP95& Discovery) & Hochiki (ESP) protocols.
  • Advanced graphical LCD user interface
    with up to 100 fire zones as standard
    allowing full EN54 compliance without
    additional hardware expansion.
  • Dual flash-based microprocessor
    technology with Real-Time Clock onboard.
  • Dedicated RS232 Serial Port for direct PC
    or modem connection.
  • Installer friendly auto-learn and
    loop detection facility for ease of
    commissioning and fault finding.
  • Fully programmable via the on-board
    alphanumeric keypad, or PC configuration
  • Flash memory and the advanced graphical
    display enables the panel to be configured
    to operate in virtually any language or
    character set, and allows the installer’s
    logo and company details to be applied
    to the LCD display using the ‘Logo’
    application software.
  • Robust removable equipment chassis with
    plug-in connectors for simple fixing and
    cable termination.

Base Technology

Dual flash-based processors with real-time
clock, trace’ diagnostics and programmable


Backlit 240 x 64 graphical LCD

LED Indicators

3 red (2 x Fire, 1 x Alarm), 1 green (Power) & 12 amber (Fault & System)


Alpha numeric keypad, navigation keys for
reset, mute, silence/resound and evacuate

No of Fire Zones


No of Loops


Loop Current


On Board Sounder Circuits

2 x 1 amp, programmable

On Board Relays

2 x 1 amp, 30v AC/DC programmable

Auxiliary Supply

1 x 24v, 500mA

Programmable Switch Inputs

8 x volt free digital inputs

Total Available Output Current

2 amps maximum, available for loop current
+ sounder outputs + auxiliary supply

Mains Supply

230v 50Hz ac (+10%, -15% tolerance) 0.4 amp

Battery Capacity

24v 7 Ah Internal, 24v 12 Ah external

Charger Current

0.4 amp DDP monitored, temperature
compensated integral charger

Serial Port

1 x On-board RS232 connection for PC,
Modem, or external printer


Via on-board keypad or PC running Windows

Event Log

1000 fire & event + diagnostic

Enclosure / Colour

Steel IP30 / Radon MW334E Interpon

Cable Entry (20mm Knockouts)

7 x top & 7 x rear,

Size, H x W x D mm

Standard Enc: 320 x 345 x 85


The following downloads are available for this product:

HS-4100S Technical Data Sheet

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