Dual Flood Area Automatic Extinguishant Release Control Panel

The dual flood area control panel has 6 detection circuits, 6 sounder circuits and support for both metron and solenoid type actuators. Programmable countdown timers are provided for Extinguishant Delay, Extinguishant Duration, Flooding Time and Extract Time. The control panel has a large graphical display with easy to navigate menus.

Product Overview

Haes have recently introduced this new and innovative fire extinguishant panel to the market. These control panels are fully configurable to control automatic extinguishant release in multiple scenarios within different industries and businesses.

Intuitiveness is paramount to this product, which exhibits the largest graphical backlit display of any extinguishant panel on the market and is quick to set-up with its unique remote display autolearn feature.


  • Fully configurable zone voting for gas release
  • Stage 1 & 2 sounder circuits for each flood zone plus 2 additional
  • Programmable timers for Extinguishant; delay, duration, Flooding time & Extract time
  • Brand the panel with your logo on the display


  • Biggest graphical display on this type of panel on the market
  • Clear and simple user controls with button icons
  • Effortless installation
  • Fast to set up with remote status unit autolearn function
  • Date & time stamped events log


  • Approved to EN12094-1, EN54-2 & EN54-4
  • Quality assured with Haes unique triple testing process
  • Intrinsically Safe Mode
  • Internal switch mode PSU ensures stability when loads are applied
  • Battery backup; PSU for 18Ah batteries

Features at a glance:

  • Dual flooding area control panel
  • Fully configurable to control automatic extinguishant release scenarios
  • Large graphical display
  • 999 time and date stamped events log
  • Approved to EN12094-1, EN54-2 & 4

Watch the video to find out more:

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Main Features

  • Dual flooding areas
  • 6 detection zones
  • Approved to EN12094-1, EN54-2, EN54-4
  • Fully configurable zone voting for gas release
  • 6 programmable sounder circuits
  • Configurable sounder delays
  • Zero time delay option for manual call points
  • Compatible with IS barriers
  • Non-latching zone input option
  • Extinguishant delay 0-60 seconds
  • Extinguishant duration 1-300 seconds
  • Flooding time 60-1800 seconds
  • Extract time 1-900 seconds
  • Graphical back lit LCD display
  • Access controls via key switch or code entry
  • Time and date stamped event log
  • Alarm counter
  • Company logo can be programmed in display
  • RS 485 communications for remote status units
  • Optional key switch status control
  • Fire, fault & stage signal relays
  • 1 amp actuator or 3 amp metron firing circuits
  • Hold, abort, flow switch, manual release, mode control and pressure switch monitoring inputs
  • 3.4 amp PSU for 18Ah batteries
  • Technical Specification

    Enclosure 1.2mm Mild Steel IP30. Colour ref MW334E Interpon Powder coat
    Cable entry Via 20mm knockouts located in the top and rear of the cabinet
    Dimensions Back box: 450 W x 385 H x 100 D (mm), Lid: 463 W x 394 H x 25 D (mm)
    Mains supply 3.4A Universal switch mode PSU
    Battery Capacity Up to 18Ah 24V
    Charger Current 700mA
    Auxiliary supply 400mA aux supply output (21-28vdc)
    Detection Zones 6 x conventional zones
    Extinguishing Zones 2 x flooding/extinguishing zones support for metron & solenoid type actuators
    Sounder Circuits 6 x 400mA 21-28vdc
    On Board Relays 10 x 1A 30VDC relay outputs, (fire, fault, stage 1 & 2, extract, local) x 2
    Programmable outputs Additional outputs via add on output card, ESG-2005 (1 card per flood area)
    Switch inputs CC, PULS
    Monitored inputs Flow, Pressure, Release, Hold, Abort x 2
    Countdown timer Extinguishant Delay: 0-60 secs, Extinguishant Duration: 1-300 secs, Flooding Time: 60-1800 secs, Extract Time: 1-90 mins, Reset Inhibit Time: 0-30 mins
    Event log 255 events, time & date stamped
    Earth fault monitoring Yes
    Intrinsically safe mode Selectable for detection zones
    Remote status units Graphic display & Mini version via RS485 up to 16 assignable to area
    Display 240 x 64 Graphical LCD backlit
    Manual release button Onboard under plastic release cover


    The following downloads are available for this product:

    Esprit-G Dual Sales Leaflet
    Esprit-G Dual Technical Data Sheet
    Esprit-G Brochure

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