RadioLink Accessories

A range of RadioLink accessories for use with all RadioLink compatible detectors

  • RadioLink base
  • Alarm Controller (test, locate, silence)
  • Manual call point
  • CO alarm
  • RadioLink strobe and vibrating pillow pad for the hearing impaired


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Product Overview

RadioLink Base – EI-168RC

  • Built in tamper proof rechargeable Lithium battery backup
  • Provides wireless interconnection between alarms
  • Up to 20 units can be fitted on one system

RadioLink Alarm Controller – EI-450

  • Use to test, locate and silence alarms from communal areas in houses of multiple occupancy

RadioLink Manual Call Point – EI-407

  • Allows remote trigger of alarm system
  • Visual RadioLink transmission indicator
  • 10yr Lithium battery

RadioLink CO Alarm – EI-262

  • Wireless interconnection to RadioLink smoke & heat alarms
  • Tamper proof rechargeable Lithium battery backup
  • Memory feature records if CO has been detected

RadioLink Strobe & Vibrating Pillow Pad – EI-170RF

  • Wireless interconnection to RadioLink units
  • Integral high intensity strobe
  • Plug-in vibrating pillow pad
  • Rechargeable battery backup


The following downloads are available for this product:

EI-168RC datasheet
EI-170RF datasheet
EI-262 datasheet
EI-407 datasheet

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