Firebeam Beam Detectors

thefirebeamplus is the ultimate optical beam detector and has addressed all the traditional problems normally associated with this type of detection.

The Fire Beam will self-align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.

  • Motorised, self aligning beam detector
  • Low level controller
  • Commission the beam from ground level
  • Manually move the beam head from ground level
  • View the status of the beam from ground level

Product Overview

Beam detection has always been seen as the most economical way to protect large areas, but in the past this was seen as unreliable. Building movement and accessibility made beam detection unreliable, difficult, time consuming to commission and hard to maintain. Only now, with the introduction of The Fire Beam’s advanced technology, is reliability no longer a problem and beam detection be used with complete confidence.

So what makes The Fire Beam different?

Two main attributes make The Fire Beam stand out from the crowd. A motorised beam head that continually self-aligns, and a low level controller from which all major functions can be performed.

The Motorised Head

Up until now, aligning an optical beam could well have been a nightmare, often giving uncertain results that can lead to false alarms. By utilising motors within the beam head The Fire Beam can make commissioning a safer and more accurate procedure. Our unique method of using high quality stepper motors allows us to make micro adjustments of just 1/40 of 1 degree to the beam head. This is automatically controlled by software which finds and continually monitors its position in relation to the reflector. A simple commissioning procedure ensures that you achieve perfect alignment every time and that your beam will keep that alignment.

Building movement is the enemy of beam detection, as the smallest movement of a building through heat changes or settlement will move a beam off its target (imagine a couple of degrees of movement in a 100m building). The Fire Beam will continually monitor any movement and re-align itself automatically. How many times have you had to return to a site and re-align beams at high level, and at what expense?

The Low Level Controller

The Fire Beam Low Level Controller. Low level control means just that once you have the head in place and wired in, you can make any changes and adjustments you want from ground level.


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