Apollo Addressable Audio Visual Devices

A range of loop powered sounders and visual indicators for use on any XP95 or Discovery system.

  • Open-area sounders, beacons & sounder beacons
  • Integrated base sounder, base visual indicator and base sounder visual indicator
  • Loop powered visual indicator

Product Overview

Open Area Alarm Devices
The Open-area Alarm Devices are loop powered wall mounted devices which are connected to any XP95 or Discovery system.

The range comprises sounders, beacons and sounder beacons, all designed to fit to a common mounting base.

Integrated Base Sounders & Visual Indicators
Loop powered sounders and visual indicators combined with a standard XP95/Discovery detector mounting base which is used to signal a fire alarm in enclosed areas. The units can be used either with a detector fitted or with a blanking cap for operation as a stand alone device. The units are available with or without isolators.

Loop Powered Visual Indicator
The Loop-Powered Visual Indicator is a local-area visual indicator designed for indoor use. The Visual Indicator has been developed as a supplement to sounders for use in situations where there is a risk that sounders will not be heard.


The following downloads are available for this product:

Open Area Alarm Devices data sheet
Integrated Base Sounder data sheet
Beacon Base data sheet
Sounder Beacon Base data sheet
Loop Powered Visual Indicator data sheet

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