Protective Covers & Cages

Protective, anti-vandal and anti-theft covers, cages and other devices from the industry leading Stopper brand.

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  • We offer a wide range of products that are designed for protection against false fire alarms without restricting legitimate operation. Our fire & safety protection devices also prevent theft and vandalism as well as accidental damage.

    Polycarbonate covers, environmental enclosures and heavy duty steel cages from STI help you reduce costly equipment replacement and repairs.

    • Vandal proof call point covers available with or with integral alarm buzzer
    • Protective cages for detectors
    • Protective cages for sounders and bells
    • Protective cages for emergency lighting
    • Protective cages for beam detectors
  • Multi-function Door Alarm

    The Exit Stopper is a unique and highly effective way to alert you to any unauthorised exits or entries through emergency exit doors. It can also serve as an inexpensive security device and help prevent theft as well.

    If the protected door is opened, the electronic Exit Stopper emits a powerful 95/105 dB warning alarm. A key operated override will silence the alarm and allow authorised exits.

  • This sturdy, self-contained device has proven highly effective in helping prevent theft, misuse or vandalism of fire extinguishers. Yet, it leaves the extinguisher accessible for emergencies and does not interfere with fire fighting in any way.


Showing all 3 results