Haes manufacture our own range of boxed and un-boxed 24v changeover relays. Our range also includes a neat boxed, double pole relay with a key-switch mounted in the front which can be set to isolate or energise the relay when switched to the on position. All relays have suppressed and polarised coils and are suitable for a myriad of switching requirements.

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  • A range of 24v dc changeover auxiliary relay switches, suitable for switching up to 250v ac.

    • 8 amp relay
    • Suitable for mains switching
    • Relays suppressed and polarised
    • Fused or un-fused
    • LED 'activated' indicator
    • Double pole changeover contacts
  • A 24v dc changeover auxiliary relay with an isolate key switch which can be used to isolate the relay or energise the relay. Suitable for switching up to 250v ac.

    • 8 amp double pole relay
    • Suitable for mains switching
    • Option switch to energise relay on isolation
    • Selectable internal buzzer on isolation
    • LED 'isolated' indication
  • A multi-purpose 24v timer or pulsing relay with 8A double pole contacts, configurable to provide a variety of operational functions. Available as a boxed unit with isolate key switch or as a PCB only with self adhesive, Nylon mounting pillars.

    • 8 amp double pole relay
    • Suitable for mains switching
    • Boxed unit or PCB only
    • 0-255 second, minute or hour timer
    • Delay timer or pulsing relay
  • The Haes lockdown alarm switch has been developed to assist with the lockdown policy of any school, hospital or other public building.

    • Developed to provide a pulsing or continuous alert of the impending lockdown of a building
    • Designed to be used in conjunction with the class change inputs of a fire control panel
    • Key switch activation
    • Double pole 8A relay
    • Programmable ON/OFF times in steps of 1 second, up to 15 seconds

    To buy this product please contact our sales department on 01895 424505

  • A range of 3 & 8 amp, 24v changeover relays mounted on a small PCB. Coils are polarised and suppressed. Haes relay cards are supplied with self adhesive, nylon, mounting pillars for easy and convenient fitting.

    • Coils are polarised and suppressed
    • Fused and un-fused versions available
    • 8 amp relays suitable for switching mains

Showing all 5 results