Remote Indicator Lamps

Detector or sounder circuit activated LED remote indicators. All available from stock. The multi-purpose LED indicator can be switched to operate from a conventional sounder circuit and is ideally suited to alert staff of an alarm condition during an investigation delay. Also available with internal buzzer.

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  • This single gang Remote LED Indicator provides a bright LED indication of a detector operation when connected to the remote LED output of most types of smoke and heat detectors.

    • Quick installation
    • Operates with most types of detector
    • Low power consumption
    • Standard fixings
  • The versatility of these compact units allows them to be used with the majority of detectors to provide a convenient remote indication of operation. Alternatively, with it's wide, selectable operating voltage it can be powered from a conventional sounder circuit to provide a general indication of alarm. Ideal for use with investigation alarm delays.

    • Attractive design
    • Adaptable multi purpose indicator
    • Wide operating voltage
    • Integral buzzer option

Showing all 2 results