Control panel & system peripheral products and relays.

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  • A range of 24v dc changeover auxiliary relay switches, suitable for switching up to 250v ac.

    • 8 amp relay
    • Suitable for mains switching
    • Relays suppressed and polarised
    • Fused or un-fused
    • LED 'activated' indicator
    • Double pole changeover contacts
  • The Haes fire alarm mains isolate switch provides a secure method of isolation for fire alarm mains supply voltage in accordance with BS 5839 Pt1:2013 25.2, recommendations for mains power supplies.

    • Secure isolation for fire alarm mains supply voltage
    • Both neutral and live is switched
    • Double pole contacts
    • Protection fuse provided
    • Power indicator LED
    • Compliant with BS 5839  Pt1:2013
  • A 24v dc changeover auxiliary relay with an isolate key switch which can be used to isolate the relay or energise the relay. Suitable for switching up to 250v ac.

    • 8 amp double pole relay
    • Suitable for mains switching
    • Option switch to energise relay on isolation
    • Selectable internal buzzer on isolation
    • LED 'isolated' indication
  • A multi-purpose 24v timer or pulsing relay with 8A double pole contacts, configurable to provide a variety of operational functions. Available as a boxed unit with isolate key switch or as a PCB only with self adhesive, Nylon mounting pillars.

    • 8 amp double pole relay
    • Suitable for mains switching
    • Boxed unit or PCB only
    • 0-255 second, minute or hour timer
    • Delay timer or pulsing relay
  • The Haes lockdown alarm switch has been developed to assist with the lockdown policy of any school, hospital or other public building.

    • Developed to provide a pulsing or continuous alert of the impending lockdown of a building
    • Designed to be used in conjunction with the class change inputs of a fire control panel
    • Key switch activation
    • Double pole 8A relay
    • Programmable ON/OFF times in steps of 1 second, up to 15 seconds

    To buy this product please contact our sales department on 01895 424505

  • A range of 3 & 8 amp, 24v changeover relays mounted on a small PCB. Coils are polarised and suppressed. Haes relay cards are supplied with self adhesive, nylon, mounting pillars for easy and convenient fitting.

    • Coils are polarised and suppressed
    • Fused and un-fused versions available
    • 8 amp relays suitable for switching mains
  • A neat metal, lockable cabinet for storage of fire alarm documents and keys. The box can store documents or a folder up to A4 size.

  • A purpose designed A5 size Fire Alarm System log book with space for recording site and maintenance contact details, system details and weekly tests for up to three years as well as logging false alarms, faults and routine maintenance visits.

  • The comms card simply plugs in on top of the main circuit board of the control panel to allow up to 8 control panels to be networked. In addition to the control panels up to 8 repeater panels or remote display units can also be added to the network.

    • Network up to 8 control panels
    • Add up to 8 repeater panels to the network
    • Card also includes 6 programmable switch -ve outputs
  • The OPCARD-8 has been developed for use with the Haes conventional control panels to provide up to 16 common or zonal outputs. The card consists of 8 x switched -ve outputs and 8 x volt free changeover relays.

    • 8 x switched -ve outputs
    • 8 x volt free changeover relays
    • Common or zonal operation
    • Link up to 4 cards
    • Simple DIL switch configuration
  • The F-Link system is a four input transmitter/receiver radio network for remote alerting and status monitoring, typically of fire or security control panels. The unit has four dry contact input zones, each with a corresponding relay output and a further relay to indicate a radio link failure (1 x F-Link unit required per control panel).

    • Quick and easy installation
    • No factory programming necessary
    • 4 volt free inputs and 4 relay outputs, configured by DIL switch selection
    • 12v or 24v power inputs
    • Up to 16 units per network
  • A universal 4 way conventional sounder circuit extension card c/w fixing kit

    Each circuit is fully monitored and fused @ 0.75 amp. The card utilises an existing sounder circuit and so is compatible with most makes of conventional fire alarm control panel.

    • 4 monitored conventional sounder circuits
    • Relay for remote fault monitoring
    • Common or zonal operation
    • Compatible with most makes of conventional fire alarm control panel

Showing all 12 results