Control Panels - Extinguisher

Choose from the Advanced ExGO or C-Tec extinguisher control systems. Both systems are third party certified to EN54 part 2 & 4 and EN 12094-1

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  • The EP203 three zone automatic extinguisher panel has been specifically designed for use in areas housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items of equipment.

    Approved to EN54 Part 2 & 4 and EN 12094-1

    • Three zone automatic extinguisher panel
    • 128 x 64 pixel graphical display
    • Three conventional sounder circuits (2 x 1st stage & 1 x 2nd stage)
    • Wide range of monitored inputs and outputs
    • Connections for up to 8 status indicators
  • ExGo is used all over the world to protect sensitive and strategic assets such as server and switch rooms and historic and cultural collections.

    Compatible with a range of detection devices its performance, ease of use and advanced features set it ahead of the competition. ExGo can be used as a stand alone system or has a number of on-board programmable inputs and outputs for interfacing with any fire system.

    Approved to EN54 part 2 & 4 and EN 12094-1


Showing all 2 results