Disabled Person Alarm Products

Specialised emergency alert and alarm products to aid disabled persons in accordance with the 2010 equalities act. Products include a range of vibrating pillow alert units and disabled facilities alarms.

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  • C-TEC’s best-selling PDA range of hearing loop equipment includes the UK’s widest range of induction loop amplifiers, microphones, connector plates and test equipment.

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  • A portable, wire-free vibrating pillow alarm, typically used to provide early warning of a potential fire alarm condition to the deaf and hard of hearing. The Agrippa pillow alarm is acoustically triggered using advanced, digital sound recognition technology that learns the sound of the specific fire alarm, significantly reducing false alarms.

    • Portable, wire-free vibrating pillow alarm for the deaf and hard of hearing
    • Detachable vibrating pad, flashing white LED alarm indication and LCD display
    • Attractive bedside alarm clock styling
  • C-TEC's market-leading NC951 Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm kit includes everything required for a BS8300 clause compliant emergency assistance alarm (except cables and fixings).

    Attractively designed, easy to install and simple to use, it allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, the user simply pulls the cord of a ceiling pull unit to activate a light and sounder outside the WC.

  • A discreet vibrating pillow pad that can be connected (via the BF364 wall mounting socket) to any conventional fire alarm sounder circuit. Typically used to provide early warning of a potential fire alarm condition to the hard of hearing.

    • Connects to any standard conventional fire alarm sounder circuit
    • Plugs into a BF364 wall mounting socket
    • Supplied with 2m lead

Showing all 4 results