Conventional Manual Call Points

A great choice of break glass, resettable and key switch operated manual call points in a variety of colours from the industry’s leading brands. Suitable for conventional fire alarm systems and many other applications.

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  • KAC offer an unparalleled range of indoor and outdoor, break glass, re-settable and key operated call points.

    • Indoor and IP rated weatherproof models available
    • Choice of 6 colours: red, green, white, yellow, blue and orange
    • Break glass or re-settable element models
    • Single and double pole variations
    • Plug and play terminal block concept

    1B models are suitable for Haes Twin Wire systems

  • The KAC range of key switch devices provides a comprehensive selection of switching product solutions for fire, security and other specialist applications.

    • 2-position and 3-position keyswitches – key trapped in one position or removable in all positions
    • Single or double pole variations
    • Choice of 6 colours: red, green, white, yellow, blue and orange
  • A purpose designed resettable call point. Available for indoor and outdoor use, in a variety of colours.

    Type '01' models are supplied with both 470 & 680 OHM selectable resistors fitted.

    Type '11' models have no resistors fitted but have 2 sets of changeover contacts which can be configured to switch independently or double pole.

    • Single and double pole changeover version available
    • Available in five colours
    • Visible warning flag confirms activation
    • Simple key to reset operating element – no broken glass

    Use model RP-RS-TW for Haes Twin Wire systems

  • The Fulleon CXL Universal Call Point combines a number of features into one package, simplifying selection and reducing stock variants.

    • Fitted with both 470Ω & 680Ω selectable resistors
    • Supplied with both glass and resettable elements
    • LED indicator provided as standard
    • IP65 waterproof version available

Showing all 4 results