Beam & Flame Detectors

Our extensive ranges of specialist detection equipment includes motorised self aligning reflective and end to end type beam detectors as well as the worlds fastest flame detectors from industry leader Talentum.

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  • The Fireray® range of Optical Beam Smoke Detectors for the protection of wide open spaces or harsh and demanding environments. With over half a million units installed worldwide, Fireray® is the first choice for installers and engineers looking for Optical Beam Smoke Detection over wide areas. Favoured by architects thanks to its compact design, and by installers and engineers for its ease of installation and maintenance.

    • Available as a projected or reflective smoke detection solution
    • Simple to install
    • Cost effective thanks to its 2-wire cable system from controller to detector

    To buy this product please contact our sales department on 01895 424505

  • The Fireray One Beam Detector is a standalone unit ideal for simple applications such as small warehouses and requires no specialist tools or knowledge for installation and operation. Key benefits include:

    • One Minute Auto-Alignment
    • One person installation
    • One standalone product

    To buy this product please contact our sales department on 01895 424505

  • thefirebeamplus is the ultimate optical beam detector and has addressed all the traditional problems normally associated with this type of detection.

    The Fire Beam will self-align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. This intelligent motorisation will mean less false alarms therefore saving time, resources, reputations and ultimately money.

    • Motorised, self aligning beam detector
    • Low level controller
    • Commission the beam from ground level
    • Manually move the beam head from ground level
    • View the status of the beam from ground level
  • Open-area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) by Xtralis is a new innovation in projected beam smoke detection technology. By using advanced dual wavelength projected beams and optical imaging technology for early warning smoke detection, OSID provides a low cost, reliable and easy-to-install solution that overcomes typical beam detection issues such as false alarm incidents and alignment difficulties.

    • Patented dual wavelength, UV & IR, particle detection
    • CMOS imager with wide viewing angles
    • High tolerance to vibration and structural movement
    • Aesthetically discreet and 3-D coverage
    • Long range up to 150 m. (492 ft.) with minimal free space (Ø15 cm./5.85”)
  • The Talentum® range of specialist flame detector products has been developed to protect critical and front line industries from the risk of fire. Talentum Flame Detectors are ideal for applications where fast acting and accurate detection of fire is essential.

    • Available for indoor and outdoor areas
    • Flame-proof, explosion-proof and high ambient temperature options
    • Internal self-test capability giving the highest immunity to false-flame sources
    • Detects invisible flames from fuels such as Hydrogen and other inorganic fuels
    • Immune to the effects of wind, draughts and sunlight

Showing all 5 results