Marine Approved Control Panels

A range of MED approved conventional fire alarm control panels. Available from 2-12 zones and including a fully functional repeater panel. Approved to Modules B & D. Each panel is provided with a host of features including Muster Alarm and programmable delays to outputs.

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  • The Esento Marine 2-4 is a Marine Approved 2 or 4 zone conventional fire alarm control panel. Even as an entry level panel, the Esento Marine 2-4 encompasses all of our usual quality, reliability and ease of use attributes to provide a panel that meets a variety of needs.

    • 2 or 4 zone
    • False alarm management mode
    • Muster Alarm
    • Programmable output delays
    • Class change and pulsing inputs
    • Fire & fault relays
    • One man walk test
    • Approved to Module B & D
  • The Esento Marine 8-12 is a 8-12 zone Marine Approved conventional fire alarm control panel. Quality, reliability, ease of use and feature rich are attributes that are consistent across the entire range of Haes fire alarm control panels and the Esento Marine 8-12 encompasses all of these attributes to provide the fire alarm engineer's panel of choice.

    • 8-12 zones
    • 3 modes to manage false alarms
    • Network up to 8 control panels
    • Muster alarm
    • Programmable delays to outputs
    • Class change & pulsing, programmable inputs
    • Programmable relays & outputs
    • Modular expansion zone cards
    • One man walk test
    • Fully functional repeater panels
    • Approved to modules B & D
  • The Esento Marine repeater panel has the same, easy to use, controls and indications as the main control panel but mounted in a smaller cabinet. The repeaters are fully functional with ‘Silence’, ‘Resound’ and ‘Reset’ controls, as well as Disable and Test Mode functions. It is also possible to disable the controls for each or all repeater panels to make them passive (indication only). Up to 8 repeater panels can be supported on a Esento 8-12 zone system.

    • 12 zonal fire & fault indications
    • Simple colour coded buttons
    • Class change & pulsing inputs
    • Programmable outputs
    • Fully functional or passive
    • Test mode & disablement functions
    • Integral 1A switch mode PSU
  • The Esento Marine VDR (Voyage Data Recorder) output card is a plug in communications card for the Haes Esento Marine range of fire alarm control panels for connection to a ships Voyage Data Recorder.

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  • The comms card simply plugs in on top of the main circuit board of the control panel to allow up to 8 control panels to be networked. In addition to the control panels up to 8 repeater panels or remote display units can also be added to the network.

    • Network up to 8 control panels
    • Add up to 8 repeater panels to the network
    • Card also includes 6 programmable switch -ve outputs

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