Networked Conventional Control Panels used to protect University campus

Leading fire control panel manufacturer Haes are proud of their growing reputation for delivering innovative solutions to combat issues in different situations. This flexibility and forward thinking recently led to the development of the Esento range of networkable conventional control panels which are now being used to tackle projects across the globe.

One example of where this solution has been used to great effect is at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where two Esento-32 control panels have been networked together to provide a 64 zone system to protect part of their main campus.

Offering composite and highly flexible zonal programming features, the networking capabilities provided the ideal solution to what was looking like a complex and costly situation to resolve.

As networking features are included across the range of Esento 8 to 32 zone panels, these were able to be supplied off the shelf by Henry Engineering based in Hong Kong. With the simple addition of a standard comms card, up-to eight Esento control panels can be networked in a daisy chain loop using RS485 communications. This provides the potential to protect up-to 256 zones at one time. The network is fail safe, a single open or short circuit in a network link will not stop the communications.

In terms of flexibility, any combination of panel size can be used from 8 to 32 zones and in any order. In addition to eight control panels, up to eight remote display units (RDUs) can also be added to the network.

Each RDU has a 4 x 40 character LCD display and reports all network wide fires & faults as well as controlling all system Silence Alarms, Reset, Test Mode & Disablement functions. Additionally, a 40 character text description for each zone can be programmed just like an addressable system.

Haes are proud to offer solutions from the land to the sea and with the Esento Marine versions, they now have a control panel which boasts a rich array of programming features and networking capabilities.

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