Haes Conventional Fire Control Panels

Haes Conventional Control Panels

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EN54 Approved Conventional Fire Control Panels

Haes are proud of their growing reputation for delivering innovative solutions to combat issues in different situations. This flexibility and forward thinking has led to the development of our latest range of EN54 approved conventional control panels which are now being used to tackle projects across the globe.

The panels are available from 2 – 32 zones and offer a fully comprehensive suite of programmable features for the engineer including; fire & fault relays, configurable inputs and outputs up to three false alarm management modes, one man test modes, diagnostics modes and networking capabilities. The range also includes a fully functional repeater panel, remote display unit, relay & output card and a sounder circuit extension card.

The display uses super bright, clearly labelled LED indicators and the simple colour coded buttons give the end user the confidence to correctly manage their fire alarm system.

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  • 2-32 Zone Control Panels

  • Network up to 256 Zones

  • False Alarm Management Modes

  • Fully Functional Repeater Panels

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Which panel do I need?


Available with 2 or 4 zones, Eclipse is the entry level panel from Haes but still has plenty to offer. With an array of engineering options including Twin Wire setting, programmable zones & outputs, false alarm management mode and class change input the Eclipse is the most dynamic entry level fire panel on the market today.


With 2 to 12 zone models available, Excel-EN is the the UK’s most popular brand of fire control panel and offers unrivaled flexibility with all it’s inputs & outputs, engineering programming features and ease of installation. With in-built networking capabilities up to 8 control panels can be connected in a fail safe, fault tolerant loop. In addition up to 8 fully functional repeater panels or remote LCD display units can be added to the network. Excel-EN panels provide 3 false alarm management modes for total peace of mind.


Excel-32 is our large conventional fire panel offering and is available with 16, 24 or 32 zones. These fire panels include most of the engineering functions of the flag ship Excel-EN range including 3 false alarm management modes and in-built networking capabilities. Up to 8 Excel-EN or Excel-32 panels can be networked to provide up to 256 zones!


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