Control Panels

Haes offer a considerable range of control panels manufactured at our own factory in the UK as well as panels from other leading industry brands. From a 2 zone conventional control panel to extinguishing control panels and up to an 8 loop analogue addressable panel, we can provide the right solution.

Addressable Control Panels

From a single loop up to 8 loops in a single cabinet, with full peer to peer networking of up to 200 nodes to provide a 1000 zone system.

Conventional Control Panels

From 2 zones up to 32 zones with networking capabilities and false alarm management modes.

Twin Wire Control Panels

Haes Twin Wire technology enables sounders and visual indicators to be connected to the same circuit as the detectors and call points. This can result in greatly reduced installation time and cost. Haes Twin Wire panels are available from 2 -12 zones. Dedicated detector bases and call points are required for Twin Wire systems.

AlarmSense Control Panels

A range of control panels developed for use with the Apollo 2 wire protocol devices. Available from 2 to 12 zones.

Marine Approved Control Panels

A range of MED approved conventional fire alarm control panels, from 2-12 zones and including a fully functional repeater panel. Approved to Modules B & D

Automatic Opening Vent Control Panels

Haes AOV control panels provide a comprehensive solution for the control of smoke ventilation systems.

Extinguisher Control Panels

Choose from the Advanced ExGO or C-Tec extinguisher control systems. Both systems are third party certified to EN54 part 2 & 4 and EN 12094-1.



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