Raising the bar in Beam Detection with FireBeam Xtra

FireBeam, the professional choice for Beam Detection has introduced FireBeam Xtra to the market.

Fire Beam Xtra incorporates suggestions from the consumer with new innovations, boasting a range of 160 metres! The new system is Vds approved and fully compliant to EN54-12:2015, outperforming all other beams in the market place.

Auto-Align On/Off

A facility allowing you to turn-off the auto-alignment in normal service, if the environment is liable to ocassional contamination.

Five Times Faster

Completly redesigned new linear stepper motors which have resulted in amazingly fast commissioning and routine maintenance. Leading performance not only in terms of speed but also in terms of advanced robust design built for precise purpose.

Beam Phasing

It is possible that beams that face each other will cause problems as their sample rates could coincide and result in unreliable readings, meaning false auto-alignment and unreliably in service. With the introduction of phasing it is now possible to mount beams facing each other with reflectors inbetween. There are up to 7 different sampling rates to choose from, alleviating any cross talk problems.

The Xtra model is a permanent replacement for the original Fire Beam and the outgoing Plus model.

The NEW Fire Beam Xtra is available from Haes and in stock for speedy delivery.

For more information contact us on 01895 422066 / enquiries@haes-systems.co.uk