Top Ten on the Solo 365

Solo 365, the innovative new solution for testing smoke detectors. Offering everything the industry expects from the popular Solo brand, pairing it with the very latest technology and wrapping it in a new modern slim-line design.

  1. The Solo’s clear cup and vent allows easy viewing of the detector, ensuring smoke is quickly removed after testing.
  2. The LED torch automatically illuminates when light levels drop, allowing easy alignment with the detector.
  3. Status LED’s provide notifications of the status of the unit.
  4. The Proximity Sensor automatically generates smoke as the detector enters and leaves the cup.
  5. The Consumables Compartment neatly houses all consumables, enabling easy replacement.
  6. 15% lighter than the traditional aerosol dispenser.
  7. On Demand Smoke eradicates wasted smoke and risk of detector contamination.
  8. The slim design allows easy access to hard-to-access detectors.
  9. Non-harzardous cartridges [instead of areosol cans] allows for easier storage and transportation.
  10. The Solo 365 introduces the ability to test standard point type smoke detectors and ASD systems into one portable tester, for the first time.
Solo 365 - Front

The Solo 365 is available from Haes and in stock for speedy delivery.

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