How do you test Multi-Sensor Detectors?

Multi-Sensor detectors use a combination of more than one type of sensor – smoke, heat or carbon monoxide to detect the presence of fire. Research conducted by Detector Testers in 2018 found that the popularity of Multi-Sensor detectors had risen by over 75% in the last two years.

The British Standards responded to the rise in popularity with an update to BS:5839-1 which confirms how Multi-Sensors should be tested:‘Where the detector or system design permits, each sensor on which a fire detection decision depends (e.g. smoke, heat, co) should be physically tested individually.

Testifire from Detector Testers is the World’s first 3-in-1 detector tester and the easiest and most productive way to achieve compliant testing in line with codes and standards. Uniquely capable of producing smoke, heat and CO stimuli, Testifire enables tests of fire detector sensors to be conducted independently, sequentially or simultaneously.

The Testifire 3-in-1 tool is available from Haes and in stock for speedy delivery.

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