Enhance your Call Point protection with industry leading brands

The recent update to BS5829-1 featured a significant change, the requirement that all call points should now be installed with a protective cover.

Haes are proud to offer a wide range of call point protective covers from leading brands such as STI, KAC and Eaton, helping to prevent false fire alarms around the world for decades.


The Universal hinged cover is the basic option, providing a tough polycarbonate layer over your call point. Available from all three industry leading brands and ideal to prevent accidental damage in environments such as Schools, Universities and many other buildings.

The Universal Stopper cover from STI is an indoor and outdoor, low profile or dome polycarbonate that covers and protects devices such as manual call points and also emergency buttons and dual action pull stations. The versatile cover offers excellent protection against physical damage and, dust and grime and harsh environments.

The EuroStopper Multi Kit from STI is the more advanced option, consisting of a clear, tamper proof, tough UV stabilised polycarbonate cover and frame that retrofits over a break glass call point. The latest edition from STI features the ‘Glow Guide’, a unique material embedded within the perimeter of the frame. The material illuminates in the dark creating a radiant glow around the manual call point, making it easier to locate in dark areas.

The Enviro Stopper Waterproof Cover from STI is a tough polycarbonate housing ideal for harsh environments such as wash down areas. The Enviro Stopper offers protection to manual call points and switches against dust and water, indoor and outdoor environments as well as preventing tampering, vandalism and damage from accidental or malicious operation.

All these covers are available from Haes alongside the complete range of Call Points from the industry’s leading brands.

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