KAC Emergency Door Release Call Points

KAC, the World’s largest manufacturer of manual call points and evacuation devices have there own range of Emergency Door Release Call Points.

Designed for environments with electronically-locking doors to override and provide access in an emergency.

KAC Emergency Door Release Call Point

This Green KAC Call Point is specifically designed to give a manual override to access and security systems.  It has Open or Closed Contacts and comes in Green.

This unit is designed to be either surface or flush mounted and comes with a surface backbox.  This Green KAC Call Point comes complete with a frangible glass element and manual test key which enables the user to carry out a manual test without breaking the glass.

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KAC Emergency Keyswitch Call Point

The KAC Emergency Door Release Keyswitch call point is a 2 position call point in green which is supplied with a surface mounted backbox.

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