Shuttle by Sonnico

New from Haes, Shuttle by Sonnico.

An acoustic wire free fire door retainer with advanced sound recognition and dual listening technology which legally holds open the fire door until the fire alarm sounds.


  • Dynamic slim design, designed to be discreet on the fire door
  • Dual listening technology –
    • Standard mode: Fit straight from the box without any programming using the standard listening mode. With the advanced sound recognition technology, the device will only trigger from the sound of your fire alarm.
    • Enhanced mode: Use this mode for noisy or troublesome environments. Ultimate flexibility with recognition of the fire alarm within thirty seconds.
  • Fully Compliant with BSEN1155
  • LCD Display: controllable from the unique multi-function LCD display for easy set up and reporting
  • Works with voice alarm sounders, unlike other products on the market the enhanced listening mode can be used to learn the sound of the voice sounders
  • Learning Mode: all units can be put into learning mode at the same for minimal disruption
  • Early night release function: the night time release function enables you to select a convenient time to release the door from the device
  • Up to 4 years battery life and easy to use battery compartment



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