Brand New C-TEC Conventional Sounders VAD’S

Brand new to the market, C-TEC’s Conventional sounders and VADs, now available from Haes

Cost effective, easy to install and fully compatible with C-Tec’s CFP, FF, MFP and EP203 conventional fire panels.

Compatible with C-TEC’s wide range of conventional fire panels and and other manufactures panels too.

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Activ Conventional C-3-8.5 Base VAD c/w 96db [A] Sounder

  • Third-party certified to EN54-3 (Sounders) and EN54-23 (VADs).
  • Provides ‘C-3-8.5’ light distribution (min 0.4 lux over a 3 x 8.5m cylindrical area)
  • Impressive 96dB(A) sound output @ 1m

ActiV Conventional Hi-Output W-2.75-9 Wall VAD c/w 100dB(A) Sounder (shallow base)

  • LPCB certified to EN54-3 (Sounders) and EN54-23 (VADs).
  • Provides ‘W-2.75-9’ rated light distribution when wall mounted (min. 0.4 lux over a 2.75 x 9m cuboid area) Also rated as a W-4-4 VAD.
  • Impressive 100dB(A) sound output @ 1m