Haes new relays – switch today!

As a manufacturer of fire detection and alarm products we invest heavily into our Research and Development team so that we can create the trusted products our customers demand. From this we’ve successfully developed our own superb range of high quality auxiliary relays and switches to cater for both standard and specialist applications.

Stand relay

Suitable for an array of everyday site applications we have our standard range of boxed relays, all of which feature an 8 Amp double pole relay and LED status indicator. Supplied complete with back box which can be either surface or recess fitted.

Boxed relay

Along side our standard boxed relay range we offer our key switch boxed relays which boast the same 8 Amp double pole relay but with the addition of a key switch which can be set to either ‘isolate’ or ‘activate’ the relay.

Timed relay

For scenarios where either a timed or pulsing relay is required we have developed a multi-purpose relay that is capable of both these functions. This relay can be easily configured to provide a variety of operational functions determined via DIL switch settings. Offering greater flexibility the relay timer can be set to 0 – 255 secs/mins or hrs and the boxed version of this product even features an Isolate Key switch.


Our Research and Development team further diversified our relay offering by developing our Lockdown Alert Alarm Pulsing Relay, created in response to the ever more frequently occurring security alerts. Here the key switch works in conjunction with an existing fire alarm control panel to ring or pulse sounders in a programmable sequence to alert those within a building that it is now in ‘lock down’ mode. This relay has both On & Off pulsing times independently programmable meaning a truly custom ring can be created to raise greater awareness of the alarm type.

fire switch

Our latest addition to the Haes relay range is the new Fire Alarm Mains Isolate Switch, developed to provide a fully enhanced switch for the isolation of the mains supply to a fire alarm control panel and complies to both BS5839 Pt 1 and BS EN60669. These new mains isolate switches have a new low profile lid which can be mounted on any standard 15mm single gang back box. Additionally the internal terminal block is now mounted at 90° for easy and secure cable fixing. The switches use a standard electrical ‘fish’ key for isolation and are available as just the front plate or complete with its own back box.

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