Curzon Cinemas premiers PAVA system for new venue

Established in 1934 popular cinema chain Curzon has been entertaining audiences for over 80 years and has become synonymous with best inclass cinematic experiences.

Continuing expansion sees their newest venue opening in Oxfords Westgate Mall. Set over two floors and incorporating five screens and a cafe-bar the cinema required a means to make public announcements whilst also complying to their legal requirement to ensure the safe evacuation of patrons via a fire and alarm system.

The compact MiniVes with its high resolution audio and advanced features such as a built in microphone, touch screen control, time scheduler and expandable memory enabled the venue to combine its public address and voice alarm requirements into one comprehensive PAVA solution.

By opting for a MiniVes system the cinema joins a growing number of diverse venues seeking to utilise the many benefits of a PAVA system at an accessible price.

Fire and Security Solutions, who installed the PAVA system, regarded it so highly they have opted to use MiniVes for future Curzon cinema projects.

Investing in a MiniVES System has so many benefits and with experiments into human behaviour towards alarm signals during emergency situations finding 75% of people responding in a timely manner to verbal instructions compared to just 13% for sounders and bells the true lifesaving benefits of PAVA are invaluable.

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