London School Delighted with their New Haes MiniVES PAVA System

Keeping students and staff safe within schools and universities is paramount. It relies on comprehensive and powerful communication tools and security systems to ensure emergency situations are dealt with quickly and effectively. Emanuel school, based in Battersea, London recently invested in a brand new and advanced MiniVes Public Address and Voice Alarm system (PAVA), recently introduced to the U.K market by Haes.

A MiniVes system is a standalone and compact high resolution voice alarm and evacuation system that comes with advanced features such as a built in microphone, touchscreen control, time scheduler and expandable memory size for the recording of multiple messages. MiniVES hosts all the same processing capabilities as the more powerful MultiVES systems but in a compact and competitively priced format.

Already appreciating the significant benefits of this versatile system the school have been utilising it for not only fire evacuation and lockdown alarms but also to convey class changes and end of day announcements to provide efficient and effective communications.

The reliability and comprehensiveness of the Ambient MiniVES PAVA System means that it is becoming increasingly popular within educational systems such as schools and universities, as well as corporate buildings and institutions. Investing in the MiniVES System has so many benefits, so let our expert team expand on how it can improve communication and emergency procedures at your premises.

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